Friday, 12 March 2021

Guess the Link?

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Two images but how are they related? 1. The amazing Silver wear proudly displayed at one golf club the other is an image of another famous golf course. But what’s the link? One name, one man 2. Whilst not the same course, they are within 10 minutes of each other by car 3. The man who links these two pictures played only a few British courses. 4. A private man known as Wee Ice Mon to the locals 5. Reputed to have changed the spec of a golf green to suit his practice and prepare him for faster greens Got it? The Answer is Hogan - Ben Hogan The 1953 Open Championship winner at Carnoustie Hogan arrived early to Scotland to practice for the upcoming Open in 1953. Known as a private man he was looking for a golf course to practice on, when he stumbled upon Panmure Golf Club. At that time Panmure was a very private club and this suited Hogan who made this his ‘golf home’ his two week practice. He wasn’t just there to practice, he needed to get acclimatised for the Scottish conditions and also importantly to familiarise himself with the smaller 1.62 inch British golf ball. The 6th hole at Panmure is famed as he stated that as his favourite hole after winning the Championship shooting 73, 71, 70 and the course record of 68 in his final round. Playing the 6th hole a par 4 at 414 yards from the back tees, and a 342 yard par 5 off the front is a lovely hole too. As if a slightly blind tee shot and undulating fairway to a testing uphill to the green aren’t enough. Hogans suggested putting a hidden pot hole bunker in front of the green added difficulty and interest. Inside Panmure Golf Club there are three main rooms for guests. The smaller Captains Bar or 19th, leading through to Hogans Room, home of the silverware and wrapping around to the Dalhousie room for dining. Winning by four shots this was Hogans only Championship appearance. Who got this right? If so how many clues did you need? Wnat more fun in golf? Follow me on: Instagram : sarah_thetravellingladygolfer Twitter @golfgurugroup Facebook @golfgurugroup You Tube : Travelling Lady Golfer

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